Selasa, 04 September 2012

Polytron TV Protect Manuals Problem

Polytron TV also sometimes have problems in its internal memory system (ic programs at STVxxxx series).
Its symptoms are at the moment you put on, a few seconds to light up around 10-15 votes detik.Timbul briefly, after which protectionism / standby.
This is caused some errors in the data memory in the IC who are in the program.
To cope with this kind of thing, you simply do tricks I will give the following:
Turn on the TV as usual, and wait for a position in a state protectionism tv / standby, use orsinilnya remote, press the menu button on the remote and hold approximately 3-5 seconds until the TV lights up automatically.
Direct Tv usually return to normal, because the data in memory has been automatically re resetting to a state of PP (pactory presets).
Why can happen so? because if the TV position standby.tombol power switch on the command signal (ON) at IC program.Kalau on standby position, pressed the menu button and hold in a few seconds will give RESET input data memory (flash). And if the conditions of normal memory, then in a matter of 'timing' in a particular order will interpret as a signal into the MENU position SERVICE.Dan system will automatically ask for a passcode to enter into sub menu service.
Passcode code it is 1013 for the basic settings (features) and 1014 to set the main parameters (H-frequency, V-amp, AGC, AFC, etc.)
And if you get problems like who I mentioned above, this method is the most easy to previous mengatasinya.Tapi make sure beforehand that all the solder points in TV engine is not problematic, it's worth carefully past all of your previous solder points.
For what? because the protection system will also read the state before the voltage-voltage circuits normally would diaktifkan.jika there is a problem at point soldering (typically located at the point of IC vertical feet, legs FBT, regulators) will be captured into the system of protectionist position

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