Selasa, 04 September 2012

Troubleshooting TV Toshiba

service manual toshiba tv

Toshiba TV Model: 28W23B
Sign in Service Mode
Press the menu button and press 4,7,2,5

Toshiba TV Model: 198X6M
Horizontal small output voltage
Check capacitors C403 and C408 (both 50V) Value of the two capacitors are often changed.

Toshiba TV Model: 28WD98B
Standby TV, 16-volt voltage drop to 8 volts
Replace C872 (220uF, 50V).

Toshiba TV Model: 215R8N
Vertical Image Distortion
Change in CCT c317 vertical (2.2uf, 50V) with a 4.7uF. If can replace a 105 ยบ!

Toshiba TV Model: 219T9B
Changed after several hours of intermittent
Replace chip IC303 (AN5515)

Toshiba TV Model: 145R7B
Total death
C D808 s / ic damaged because of high HT (STR50020)

Toshiba TV Model: 210T6BZ
abnormal voice
Voltage at C832 over 25V! Replace Q809, C866, C869, C864 and resolder PSU modules

Toshiba TV Model: 3798DG (Chassis C8SS)
E / W is not normal
Replace D461 damper diode (ERC20-06)